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MoravacNET is devoted to bringing excellent solutions when it comes to website design for startups, companies and forward-thinking individuals. We know how hard it is to succeed in the world bursting with competition; still, we are here to bring your brilliant ideas to life, by following every necessary step along the way, from website design and coding, to content strategy and content creation. We are convinced that the best results are achieved only by the careful planning and working out even the smallest details before the launching. Our team of dedicated professionals is delivering optimal solutions in the efficient and timely-manner, with a possibility for a client to step up and take an active participation in the project, if they want so.
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We have been working with PHP/JS for over 10 years. We focus primarily on developing web applications and websites


We can help you implement Ad manager, Header bidding, and help you with optimization of your current stack.


If you need a website or if you are not happy with your current website. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Testimonials - Source

We hugely benefited from Milos's experience with DFP and understanding of custom Infinity Scroll Implementation. Our team had followed the implementation guidelines, but Milos used his experience and knowledge to give us feedback that we would never have discovered on our own. Using Milos was very straightforward, his English is excellent and he was very responsive. Saved us sleepless nights and hours of waated Dev.
DFP Infinity Scroll Implementation Help
Milos is great to work with. He's exceptionally patient, very helpful, talented and one of the best freelancers I've worked with. I trust his work, and would highly recommend him!
Header Bidding Setup - Using Prebid.js
Milos did exactly what was needed and more and saved us time and effort. friendly, dedicated and on time, i would recommend him to anyone for DFP and Adsense issues,
DFP/Adsense Integration check up for Publisher
Milos was really knowledgable, helpful and quick to respond - I appreciated his help! Thanks Milos!
DFP Ads to WP Site - Optimized